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eBook Readers: Top 6 eReaders in Canada

For avid bookworms, eReaders (also known as eBook readers) are becoming a must-have accessory. Not only is it less expensive to download eBooks than it is to purchase their so-called “dead tree” counterparts, but they serve as an eco-friendly and space saving option too.

Many eReaders provide the convenience of wi-fi, basic internet browsing, note taking, and a dictionary for instant word definition. The following outlines the top features of the current best selling eBook readers in Canada.

There is more info after the pictures, but click on each picture for more information about the item or to buy.

Top Left: The Kobo eBook reader is available in a few different stores. Priced at an affordable $149, it is pre-loaded with 100 free books and the newest version boasts wi-fi for ease of shopping and downloading books.

Top Middle: Amazon’s Kindle has been rated as the most convenient eReader for newspapers because daily updates are easily downloaded through its wi-fi component. The Kindle also features text to speech, a full keyboard, and a basic web browser. The KindleDX model boasts a 9.7” screen vs. Kindle 2‘s 6” screen.

Top Right: Sony’s slick touch screen eReader comes in silver, black, and red, and features the ability to enjoy audio books and music, as well as store photographs. It supports multiple eBook formats, but most conveniently supports borrowing eBooks from your local library, for free!

Middle Left: The Kobo has been rated the best eReader for casual reading. Kobo’s books from their eStore can be read on a number of platforms including mobile phones, computers and competitor eReaders, and you can also borrow eBooks from your local library – free!

Middle Right: Although much less expensive than Sony’s Touch eBook reader, the PRS isn’t as robust in functionality. It is however popular as an entry-level option and is highly rated for its portability – easily fitting into pant and suit pockets – and the hi-contrast screen is applauded for its low glare.

Bottom Left: The iPad, although pricey, is unquestionably more robust than dedicated eReaders. It has a large full colour display, wi-fi, access to 140,000 apps, browser capacity, full editing capacity, and also displays a mass of other content including photos, business documents, etc. It is however substantially heavier than

Bottom Middle: Perhaps the least known of our featured eBook readers, the eReadersAluratek Libre is also the least expensive. This easy to use, entry-level eReader is up and running within minutes of opening the box. It comes with a number of accessories including an SD card loaded with 100 classics to get you started.

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  • Kathy

    Well, being an avid book reader myself I certainly would like one of these. I have borrowed my daughter’s ereader a few times and find I actually like it!! It is much lighter to handle than a hardcover book. A must for my shopping list!!

  • Dydi88

    I am looking for a ereader that does text to speech in canada – I like the sony ereader but I dont think it has that feature, also is there any ereaders that are in color, and is the backlite feature a good thing???

  • Barb King

    The Amazon Kindle is the only ereader that I know of in Canada right now that has the test-to-speech feature. The Colour eink screens are just starting to be released, so while I don’t know of any that are available in Canada right now I am sure they will be coming soon. I haven’t tried a reader with the backlight feature myself, so can’t advise you on that. I have a Sony Touch screen reader and love it! I just use a clip on ebook reader booklight for when I want to read in lowlight or dark and it works great!

  • Doris

    I am very new to the eReader concept but am hearing good things about them. The one question I have not as yet found an answer to is – can I download from anywhere or am I limited to certain ebook sources depending on where I buy the eReader?

  • Barb King

    HI. You are limited to where you can download from depending on what type of reader you get (not where you buy it). Each reader will play different types of ebook files. I believe the Sony Readers play the most types of files.

  • Issyng

    I too am very new to eReaders and need some advice for choosing between a Kobo, Kindle, Sony eReader, or Nook. I’ve done a bit of research and need help deciding! Thankfully cost isn’t much of an issue since I will be receiving it as a gift from my parents for graduation and they are happy to spend whatever as long as I like it :)

    I am unsure of what the 3G or Wifi capability of the eReaders are. Can you send/check email, log onto Facebook using the browser? I know the Kobo does not have wifi connecting capabilities, while the Kindle, Sony & Nook do. To what extent can I surf the net using an eReader? (I know it’s not the purpose of an eReader, but it’s a great extra if possible!)

    Do any of the eReaders have a “read to me” option. I believe I read that the Sony eReader can play music and audio books. Is there a difference between loading an audio book vs. using the Kindle’s “text to speech” option?

    Do any have a touch screen? I know the Kindle has buttons.. is that an advantage or disadvantage?

    Which would you recommend to view PDF, Word Docs or even jpeg photos? Can eReaders do that? If the jpeg is in colour, will it appear in black & white on an eReader? If the eReader doesn’t have an SD card slot, can it read these documents? The Kobo does have a SD slot, while the Kindle does not.

    Thank you!!


  • Barb King

    HI Isabella
    Congratulations on getting an eReader! From your questions I am assuming that you live in the US. We are a Canadian site and the Canadian versions of the eReaders are different than the American ones so I am not totally sure on some of their options.
    I can give you some advice, but am not sure on all the specific features of the US ones. The Kobo does have wifi as well, but I believe the wi-fi capabilites on all the readers is limited to buying books. I could be wrong, but I believe the Nook might be the exception to this.
    From what I know the Kindle is the only reader with the voice-to-text option. I haven’t heard it, but make the assumption that it is a computerized voice reading where if you buy an audio book you get an actual actor..might be more entertaining. LOL
    Sony has a touch screen version (which is the reader I own), and it has buttons as well. I do love the touch screen feature.
    The Sony readers allow you to view the most types of files and I have had good luck with any I have tried on it. The pictures will display in black and white.
    I hope this helps and make sure you double-check any of my specs. :-)
    Good luck!

  • Kriztanagy

    kobo is a piece of s…th!