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Maxi Dresses – Not Just a Summer Style

Maxi Dresses – Not Just a Summer Style

Everyone knows that maxi dresses are perfect for the summer. Simply team your maxi dress with sunglasses and a pair of sandals and you’re all set for the beach or the beer garden.

However, when you return home from your summer holiday, you shouldn’t have to put your maxi dresses away until next year. You should be able to wear your favourite dresses all year round, and now you can – thanks to these handy tips for wearing maxi dresses in autumn and winter.

Tip #1: Top off your maxi dress with the right jacket

Maxi dresses are so perfect for summer because they are light and floaty, but this can also make them unsuitable for the weather when autumn and winter roll around. This is why you need to top off your maxi dress with the right jacket.

You should be choosing weightier pieces to wear on top, such as a leather jacket or a sophisticated blazer. You want to be balancing out the length of the dress as well as staying warm, but you should avoid swamping your maxi with a shapeless or overly long winter coat.

Tip #2: The right shoes can change your look from day to night

When wearing a maxi, it is your footwear which mainly sets the tone for your overall look. The most comfortable and stylish shoes to wear with your maxi dress in the daytime are a pair of flat biker boots, whilst ankle-strap stilettos (not too high) are a glamorous option for night-time.

Tip#3: Be playful with your look

Many maxi dresses act as a blank canvas, meaning you can create exciting and completely unique looks if you are brave enough to experiment. Depending on the dress, you can team your maxi with a sweater, a furry vest or a combination of different layers to shape your look into something that is both creative and seasonally appropriate.

Tip #4: It’s all about the accessories

We’ve already touched on how shoes and accessories can change the tone of your maxi dress look, but it is important to remember that no matter what colour, fabric or style your maxi is, you can always give it the right seasonal twist using other pieces. If your maxi is sheer and floaty, anchor it with a matching sweater and a warm jacket. If it has a split up the leg, throw on a pair of tights for added warmth and balance out the sexiness of the look with a casual jacket and a chunky pair of boots.

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