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Five Biggest Signs That She Might Be Ready For a Commitment Ring

Five Biggest Signs That She Might Be  Ready For a Commitment Ring

Today’s relationships seem more relaxed than the traditional court-and-marry formula because many couples are no longer in a rush to get married. When couples get to know one another, most find the relationship enjoyable, and are willing to allow time for a mutual commitment to naturally evolve.  

But who will initiate that conversation about commitment?  How will you know when she is ready for a commitment, and what should you do about it when you realize that she is in fact, ready?

To help you get a better grasp of whether she’s ready for a commitment, and whether you should be shopping for engagement or commitment rings, watch for the following five signs.

1. Asks You to Meet Her Family

Getting the invitation to meet her family is an important step in a couple’s life, and it announces that she’s serious about her intentions. By making the introduction and spending time at family gatherings and parties, she’ll be able to determine if you blend with her family. It also allows you to see a different side to her personality as she reacts to the people that she loves and has grown up with.

2. Invests in You as a Person

A person who is focused on the monetary side of the relationship has no interest in you aside from your bank account. You can tell that someone is ready for commitment when they are invested in you as a person. This includes doing the things that you enjoy and making sacrifices for your happiness. They are also interested in getting to know you as a person and delving deep into psyche and finding out what makes you tick.

3. Gets to Know Your Friends

Besides getting to know you from deep within, a person who is truly committed to you will take an active interest in your friends and want to get to know them better. Many people are fortunate to have continued friendships from grade school and beyond. Through the years, the friendships have grown and strengthened and anyone who is in love and interested in pursuing something more will want to tend and nurture these relationships with you.

4. Cares About Your Well-being

A healthy kind of commitment is focused on both sides, and someone who makes it all about them has selfish tendencies. You want someone who cares about your well-being, and will be there with you through the good times and bad such as tending to you when you’re sick, or can share the joys of a promotion.

5. Talks About a Future Together

You’ll know that you are on the road to a commitment ring when you hear her talk about the future, and she includes you in her plan. Couples who are eager to share their hopes and dreams of what lies ahead are serious about their intentions, especially when they talk about marriage, house and children.

Serious romantic relationships evolve, and many get excited about the prospects that lie ahead for their future life together as a couple. The above five signs are good giveaways that your partner is ready for a commitment ring and a lifetime of health and happiness together.


Akilah Richards is a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) who shares insights and education about various aspects of relationships.  It can feel like a huge emotional risk to ask our partners for a bigger commitment, and when we do, we want to do our best to show our commitment in actions and of course in warm, noble gestures like commitment rings. offers a wide array of options for perfecting that noble gesture.

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