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Redecorating: 4 Great Ways To Choose Art For Your Home

Redecorating: 4 Great Ways To Choose Art For Your Home

Are you sick of looking at the same old artwork? Have you had the same pieces of art hanging around your home for the past three decades? If so, now is probably a good time to look for some new pieces. Having fresh artwork can completely revive the look and feel of your home, even if all you do is add or remove a few pieces.



1. Shop Online

Shopping online is not only a great way to find new artwork for good prices, but you will also expose yourself to many independent artists that you might have a hard time finding otherwise. If you’re looking for printed wall art, try searching online at sites such as where you will have access to an array of framed artwork.


If you’re looking for other types of art accessories for your home, there are many art websites where you’ll find unique paintings, sculptures and hand-crafted items like pillows, blankets and quilts. When you buy directly from the artist, you will be getting a piece that no one else owns.

2. Trade With Friends

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend but are desperate to get your hands on some new artwork, consider gathering a group of interested friends and inviting them over for an artwork swapping party. Have each person bring one piece of artwork that they love but are willing to part ways with, and then you can all trade with each other. As long as you invite an even number of people, each of you should be able to go home at the end of the night with something new for the house. You can do this every six months or so, and after a few years, the original artwork might make its way back to you. By then, it will look and feel like new.

3. Go Vintage

Going shopping for vintage artwork is another fun and affordable way to acquire some new pieces. A lot of nice things end up in second-hand stores for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people move and simply can’t bring everything with them. Other times, someone dies and loved ones find that keeping their things around is too painful. Whatever the reason, high-quality items such as expensive clothing or artwork often find their way onto the shelves of these stores. If you are lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time, you may snag yourself a wonderful new piece of art at an incredible price.

4. Make Your Own

It may not be quite as affordable as getting artwork for free from a friend, but making your own paintings is a fun and creative way to decorate your home. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge or complicated project. Even getting a simple canvas and blending together two bright colors in an interesting way you can add a touch of style to your home. If you go this route, try doing a different color theme for every room.

No matter how you choose to get new artwork for your home, it should be a fun and exciting process. The human brain becomes complacent when constantly surrounded by the same things, and adding new, visually appealing items into your environment will help you think about your life in a new way.


Always a lover of art, Nadine Swayne offers these tips to those who are decorators at heart! Visit sites online to choose from a vast array of printed artwork that will enhance any room in your home.

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