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7 Ways To Rock Geek Chic This Season

7 Ways To Rock Geek Chic This Season

With Geek Chic being one of the words that made it into the dictionary this year (along with twerk, FOMO, and cake pop), it’s officially time to jump into the trend. Finding a balance between chic and nerd is not easy: these 7 easy tips will help you look just adorkable enough to turn heads, without landing on your own.



1. Get Your Glasses On

Refinery 29 suggests geek-style glasses look good on just about everyone. From top designers like Elizabeth and James to classic brands like Ray-Ban, the geek look has popped up everywhere. From silly to sexy, these frames are only acceptable if you do have a prescription.

No matter where you live, be it Miami, Toronto, or Edmonton, eye doctors are available to test your vision and get you suited up with some hot specs that address an often-overlooked health concern—and, of course, a fashion update concern.

2. Take on Technology

What is being a geek all about if it isn’t embracing technology? Forbes points out that Google Glass appeared on Diane Von Furstenberg’s runway in her spring show. Whether the Glass is your thing, or you’re more of a Nike+ health nut, pairing high-end accessories like shiny bangles or a pretty headpiece with your cutting-edge technology will make the tech both mesh and partially disappear.

3. The Men’s Look

Geek chic isn’t just for the ladies. Menswear has embraced a look that those who actually wore it in high school were beat up over. Slim fit jeans and button downs are always a yes. Any plaid adds to a hipster vibe, as will pockets that pop with color. No longer do men have to fear oversized tank tops or patterned shorts. These looks will take your style to the next level.

4. T-shirt Time

A simple way to add a geek twist on an otherwise trendy outfit is to pair your typical pant or skirt and jacket with a t-shirt that plays on geek culture. Star Trek, computers, sci fi, anime, video games—whatever! Just be sure you understand the joke before taking your new geek tee out into the world.

5. Layer, Layer, Layer!

Layer different patterns and textures in a way that says classic but is inspired by geek. For example, try a paisley print silk blouse under a chambray and fitted, quarter-sleeve jacket paired with cuffed straight leg pants and glasses. Accessories like suspenders or a skinny tie are always appreciated as well.

6. Menswear as Womenswear

Women can take on men’s suits, ties, bowties, glasses, and oxfords to appear geek. Imagine a prep-school boy’s uniform: and go for the chic version. Starched collars, cozy sweaters, and retro leather boots add a smart yet sophisticated touch to your wardrobe. Though a more intellectual take on the nerd-inspired fashion, it is just another way to be versatile within this style genre.

7. Go for It

If you are a bold dresser, now is the time to get crazy. The geek look allows you to pick up a Pokémon ball purse, pixilated jewelry, Comic-Con-inspired pieces, bright red specs, calculator-inspired accessories, Hello Kitty necklaces, Pac Man earrings, or comic book manicures, and rock it with confidence. Even blinging out your iPhone with nerdy accessories is fine—just have fun!

You don’t have to be a tech genius to sport geek chic fashion. Looking the part is the most that the majority of us can do—but at least we will feel absolutely great doing it.

Victoria Ramos studied business and now blogs about developments in the field, as well as her other interests. She loves shopping, socializing, hosting parties, decorating, and writing. For the most fashionable eye care, Victoria turns to Leduc Eye Centre.

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