Omishi Magical Theater - Risky Safety: Volume 1 (ep.1-8) [Import]

Omishi Magical Theater - Risky Safety: Volume 1 (ep.1-8) [Import]
Thinking that she can never see her boyfriend again, Moe Katsuragi's despair summons a spunky soul collecting apprentice spirit of death named Risky. Risky urges Moe to depart the mortal realm, leaving behind her precious soul. Then a glimmer of hope and a brief smile on Moe's face cause Risky to transform into Safety, a polite and proper apprentice angel who just happens to share a body with Risky. Accompanied by a feisty apprentice devil and a delicate apprentice angel, Moe's life suddenly becomes a humorous and touching trial of balancing her love life with protecting her schoolmates from Risky's devilish clutches. The best of Japanese animation combined with a charming universal story about the struggle between light and dark make Moe's adventure a contemporary fairy tale for all ages! Has a reversible cover giving fans their choice of a "Risky side" or a "Safety side". This volume has eight 10-minute episodes.
Episode 1: Happiness or Unhappiness - Death Angel!
Episode 2: Angel's Don't Lie
Episode 3: Deadly Angel Arrow
Episode 4: Cry, Laugh and Argue - This is Distasteful
Episode 5: Liry, Liry, Liry Liar
Episode 6: Goodbye November Lullaby
Episode 7: Flowers, Fazzy, and a Little Angel
Episode 8: The Temptation of an Apprentice Shinigami Audio: English, Japanese. Subtitles: English.
Region 1, NTSC
Suggested for all ages. This Region 1 dvd release (8-28311-12100-5) was from AN Entertainment. Out of print.  Binding DVD.  Publisher(s): A. N. Entertainment.  Label: A. N. Entertainment.  AudienceRating: G (General Audience).  Format: Animated.
Manufacturer: A.N. Entertainment
Part Number: AN-RS01
Lowest Price (CAD): $8.49

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Brand : AN Entertainment
Starring : Omishi Magical Theater

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