Dakota IR-2500

Dakota IR-2500
The Dakota IR-2500 motion sensor detects motion with adjustable sensing distance of 12, 25 or 40 feet from the sensor.   The viewing angle of the sensor can be adjusted from 20 to 100 degrees.

The IR2500 sends a wireless signal up to 2500 feet to the DCR-2500 receiver* to signal when someone is in the area.  

This sensor is primarily designed for indoor use and is perfect as an alert at an entrance door or hallway.

Dakota IR-2500 Features:

  • Compatible with DCR-2500 or PR-2500 receivers
  • Wireless range up to 2500 feet* to DCR-2500 receiver
  • Also compatible with PR-2500 receiver
  • Motion sensing distance adjustable 12, 25 or 40 feet
  • Horizontal viewing angle adjustable from 20-100 degrees or anywhere in between
  • Indoor use only
  • Powered by 9V battery (not included)
  • Average battery life around one year
  • 1 year warranty

* Up to 2500 feet direct line of sight, open air without interference.   Walls and obstructions will limit range signifantly.
Manufacturer: Dakota Alert
Part Number: IR-2500
Lowest Price (CAD): $101.99
No specifications available  

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