4.5X Proffessional HD Mark II Special Edition Telephoto Lens For The Fujifilm FinePix IS-1 SLR Camera

4.5X Proffessional HD Mark II Special Edition Telephoto Lens For The Fujifilm FinePix IS-1 SLR Camera
  • Manufacturer:  DBROTH
  • Part #: 4.5X-33
  • UPC: 00999999176776
Kit Includes:

* 1) 4.5X Proffessional HD Mark II Telephoto Lens - Includes Lens Pouch -When your digital camera can't get you quite close enough to the action, this "4.5x" telephoto accessory lens will bring the action four and a halve times as close to you. It's perfect for all your long-distance photos of sporting events; candid portrait shots, as well as nature and wildlife photography. This is the ideal lens attachment for sports fans, bird watchers, animal lovers, and parents whose kids play sports. In just seconds, you'll have this attachment on your lens erasing half the distance between the world and your camera. Best of all, these specially designed high quality digital accessory lenses are 100% compatible and fully automatic with your camera's auto focus and auto-exposure systems, so they're easy to use.

Titanium Optics
Digital Multi Coated
Heavy Duty Construction
Professional HD
Special Element Frame
Premium Rimmed Glass
Infrared Compatible
Protective Lens Case Includes

* 2) Lens Pen - The perfect cleaning tool safe for all camera lenses, High quality Retractable nonabrasive Lens Brush, Removes fingerprints, smudges, and grease marks
* 3) Deluxe 5pc Cleaning Kit - This 5-piece kit contains an assortment of useful cleaning tools such as lens cleaning tissues, lens cloth, cleaning solution, a blower brush and cotton swabs
* 4) DB ROTH Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - Eliminate dust and smudges from your camera with this handy microfiber cleaning cloth.
Bonus Photo Toolbox Software - What is your style? Distress your image with grunge & splatter brushes and photo edges or add an element of elegance with custom shape embellishments and photo frames. Professional quality for professional results. Start creating compelling composites, posters, books & more, today! Photoshop or Photoshop Elements Required.
 Brand: DB ROTH.  Binding Electronics.  Publisher(s): DB ROTH.  Label: DB ROTH.
Manufacturer: DBROTH
Part Number: 4.5X-33
Lowest Price (CAD): $85.99
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