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Linksys rv082 10/100 8-port vpn router

Linksys rv082 10/100 8-port vpn router
  • Manufacturer:  Linksys Group
  • Part #: RV082
  • UPC: 00211131875393
  • from $269.74
Designed for Ultimate, Secure Internet and LAN connectivity for Small Network Environments! Broadband Routing with dual/redundant WAN Ports -- The Linksys RV082 10/100 8-Port VPN Router lets multiple computers in your office share a BroadbandInternet connection. The dual Internet ports on the... MORE...
Manufacturer: Linksys Group
Part Number: RV082
Lowest Price (CAD): $269.74

Product Features

Brand : Linksys
Brand- : Cisco Systems, Inc
Networking Product Type : Routers

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