Stoneline 8 Piece Cookware Set

Stoneline 8 Piece Cookware Set
The next revolution of cookware, Stoneline presents the most amazing and unique cookware solution ever produced. With its unique coating made from hardened stone particles, it offers the most durable, anti-adhesive, scratch-resistant surface. As easy as cooking on natural hot stone, Stoneline allows you to cook in a shorter time due to extraordinary conductivity. • Stone charcoal colour
• Minimum assembly required: Screw on the handles
• Compatible with electric, gas and induction cook tops
• Oven safe up to 180 celsius
• Offers healthy non-fat frying and roasting - perfect for gourmets and food lovers
• Meats are tender and aromas and flavours are outstanding
• Designed to cook meats to perfection and for healthier cooking
• Non-stick coating is scrat. . .
Manufacturer: TVA BOUTIQUES
Part Number: 200-099
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Calgary, AB