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Body Vibe Personal 500 Model with CD, DVD & Poster

Body Vibe Personal 500 Model with CD, DVD & Poster

Manufacturer:  VIBRAGENIX LLC

Part #: 398716

The Body Vibe Personal 500 is a compact home machine that comes with a vibration wellness system designed by a physician. It is a revolutionary system that provides numerous health and fitness benefits through Whole Body Vibration (WBV). You can receive the results of a full gym workout in as little as 10 minutes a day with the Body Vibe Personal 500. Now you'll have no excuses. This professional unit is affordable and features a steel frame construction made for a lifetime of use. Great for all ages and fitness levels. • Manual and automatic modes
• Platform size is 16" x 13"
• Max amplitude: 2mm
• Motor 150 watt
• Holds up to 250 lbs Includes:
• Body Vibe Personal 500 Model
• Male and female vibe CD
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