Zak Designs Toddlerific Perfect Flo Toddler Cup with Sofia The First, No-Spill

Zak Designs Toddlerific Perfect Flo Toddler Cup with Sofia The First, No-Spill
Zak! Designs brings another innovative mealtime solution to the table. The Perfect Flo toddler cup featuring Sofia the First will become the go-to no-spill and leak proof toddler cup for every occasion. The lid design helps your toddler begin the transition of drinking from a lidded cup to a lid-free cup. The patented Perfect Flo design allows you to adjust the flow of liquid as your child grows, just twist the valve to the desired flow rate. The valve also makes this cup spill and leak proof. Insulated double wall construction keeps drinks cold longer and prevents condensation on the outside of the cup, keeping table tops and other surfaces dry. The best toddler cup ever! This toddler cup is recommended for ages 18-months and older. The graphics will last wash after wash without fading. Made with durable, break-resistant BPA-free plastic with a silicone valve. Cup fits in most car seat cup holders; it measures approximately 6-inches high by 2.5-inches in diameter and holds approximately 9-ounce. Easy to clean, all parts are dishwasher safe; remember to remove silicone valve for cleaning and replace before the next use. Do not use the cup in the microwave. Do not serve carbonated or pulpy beverages in Toddlerific Perfect Flo cups. Look for other favorite characters on Perfect Flo cups from Zak! Designs, making meal time fun!
 Brand: Zak Designs.  Binding Baby Product.  Publisher(s): Zak Designs.  Label: Zak Designs.
Manufacturer: Zak Designs
Part Number: STFJ-M010
Lowest Price (CAD): $21.80
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