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Lampe Berger Essential Cube Kit

Lampe Berger Essential Cube Kit
  • Part #: 193023/
From the very beginning the mission of Lampe Berger has been to improve the quality of indoor air. Created in 1898 to purify hospital rooms, Lampe Berger now enters a “new era” to create a universe where undesirable odours are banished, leaving behind a delicately scented ambience. Thanks to its new scent-release system, called catalysis, Lampe Berger offers you clean and scented air at home for enhanced well-being. Essential in any home, it removes unwanted odours without fragrances and lets you control the fragrance in the home by diluting it. Used between two fragrances, the Neutral Home Fragrance optimizes the operation of the AIR PUR System 3C® burner, cleaning it and extending its life span.

• The catalytic process eliminates undesirable odours
• Its release system provides you with better indoor scenting quality
• Decorates your home

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Part Number: 193023/
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