Foolproof Beauty Routines for Men

It's time he pampered himself

Lets face it – traditional society puts men into the strong and rugged box, and most guys have a skin and beauty regimen that lives up to that stigma.

Although men generally go with the flow and let nature take its course on their appearance, they have a mass of untapped options to better take care of themselves with the many great products on the market specifically designed for them.

Whether the number one man in your life still has to learn what a moisturizer is, or if he is already well versed in personal care, the following suggestions can help you find the perfect routine for him!

Picture Perfect

Even though many men still think that a shower and a clean shirt are all it takes to look presentable, good skin and a bright smile are just as important. James Bond's suave looks go way beyond the tux!

You don't have to completely change your man's routine or force him to spend a day in a beauty salon gossiping with the girls. All he needs is a few key products to add to his routine.

Skin Care
L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra-Power Turbo Booster Wake-Up Fuel - 50ml
at  London Drugs
Nivea for Men Cool Kick for Men Shower Gel - 500ml
at  London Drugs

Hairy Matters

A man's hair (or lack there of!) is often their unspoken obsession. There are now some really effective products on the market designed to prevent and slow down hair loss. Package a few of these together with some styling products for your guy, and he'll be forever grateful that he didn't have to do the research himself.

Even if he is wary of anything labeled as a “beauty” product, most men still have to shave and this is a great way to introduce to the luxury of using high quality products. If you start him off with shaving, maybe he'll be more open to something new next year!

Clarins After Shave Soother - 75ml
at  London Drugs
Nivea for Men Extreme Comfort After Shave Balm - 100ml
at  London Drugs

Gentle Hands

Most men don't realize how rough their hands are. A nail care kit is still a gift manly enough for even the most rugged of men. Add a hand cream and a nailbrush and you'll probably find your guy giving himself a manicure without realizing what he's doing in no time!

Clean Nails
PediSpa Personal Pedicure
Essie Nail Lacquer - A-list
at  London Drugs

Scented Memories

Most men end up wearing the same old cologne for years on end. If you want him to try something different, try choosing cologne that has some of the same base notes as his old favourite. It will be easier to sell him on the new fragrance when it is familiar to him.

Click here to see all Colognes for men.

Fragrances for Him
Lacoste Essential Sport Eau de Toilette - 75ml
at  London Drugs
Very Sexy Platinum for Men by Victoria's Secret EDC Spray 1.7 oz

Final touches

If you plan on taking your man out for a special occassion, why not treat him to a nice dress shirt and a pair of cufflinks? You could also shine his dress shoes as a little something extra - he is sure to appreciate the thought!

Wurkin Stiffs Mens Magnetic Collar Stays (Pack of 3)
Italgem Stainless Steel & Austrian Crystal Men's Tie Bar

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