Gift Ideas for Precious New Moms

Make Her First Mother's Day One to Remember

Motherhood is a treasured gift that is not without its challenges whether you are a first timer, or not. Mother's Day is a great time to treat a new mom to some “time off” to kick her feet up and enjoy a little personal time. She will be grateful for the break.

Girl's Night Out

Personalize a gift basket with various items that will assist her in getting out of the house for some girl time - without baby!

A breast pump will give her the freedom to indulge in some girly cocktails knowing that she has feeds pre-pumped at home. A bottle sterilizer is a convenient accessory for prepping bottles when pumping. She might also be grateful for a tube of soothing nipple cream, which will aid her comfort as she makes it through the first couple of weeks of breast feeding.

Complete the package with a certificate to her favourite restaurant or lounge and a commitment to baby-sit for the evening. This gift can also be tailored to a shopaholic by substituting the gift certificate with a gift card to the local mall.

Breast Feeding
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New moms often find it difficult to get back to their pre-baby routines right away because of baby's schedule. The Ship-Shape gift is perfect if the mom in your life has voiced her desire to “get back at it” and get back in shape.

The most useful part of this gift is time. Your commitment to look after the baby while your partner takes time to exercise is what she needs most. Make up a certificate to include in a gift package that contains exercise videos (Pilates is a great low impact way to strengthen core muscles and tone the body quickly) and work out gear. A generous addition to the package could be a gym membership, or the start of a home gym such as an elliptical trainer and free weights.

**A new mom often puts a lot of pressure on herself to get back into pre-pregnancy shape so the nature of this gift can be a bit delicate if the desire to get active has not come directly from the person receiving it.

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Mr. Mom

Household chores are also tougher to get to during the day whilst tending to a new baby's needs. The Mr. Mom gift package can be personalized with a season of her favourite TV show on DVD, home spa equipment such as a foot massager, and a selection of bath and beauty products.

Mr. Mom once again offers your time to complete household chores such as laundry or cleaning, while your partner takes an hour or two to unwind in a long hot bath or in front of the TV while she pampers herself with a new coat of nail polish.

Massage Accessories
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Nail Care

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