Get Gourmet: Christmas Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

Being prepared for the Holiday Season is essential. Being able to shop for gifts and easy to prepare groceries in one place and online, is a godsend!

Hickory Farms provides quick and easy online access to quality food and gift products. All items make great corporate, hostess and Christmas gifts, but can easily double as gourmet hors d'oeuvres and hearty meals for your own entertaining purposes!

Treat your friends and family to a first class feast on Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years … in fact, Hickory Farms delicacies are perfect for virtually any occasion you may be celebrating! Check out their full product line here, or scroll through these delectable favourites for gourmet gift ideas.

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Tempting Tastes Assortment

Take the pressure off! Hickory Farms sausage and cheese baskets are a hostessing favourite over the Holiday Season, and with a variety of cheese, sausage and cracker combinations to choose from, guests are sure to enjoy your protein packed appetizers.

Handyman Tool Bag

Physical chores are sure to work up a man-sized hunger, which is why the team at Hickory Farms dreamed up this perfect meat-filled gift idea for the handyman on your Christmas list. The reusable tool bag is super durable and will keep his tools organized and at the ready!

Hearty Hickory Favourites

A corporate gift goes a long way when it can be enjoyed by more than one person in your client's office. A basket or box brimming with treats can make for great brand recognition, once the word gets out that you have supplied the abundance of delights in the kitchen!

Ham Lovers Collection

A tasty selection of Hickory Farms' phenomenal award winning smoked meats, salmon, and turkey, served up with the flavours of the Ham Lover's Collection will present Holiday guests with a tantalizing selection of hassle-free, high-end hors d'oeuvres.

Meaningful Moments Photo Box

Surprise a new grandmother with a box full of tempting treats, and personalize the built-in frame with precious photos of her new grandchild. This reusable box makes a great “brag book” and is perfect for storing photos and keepsakes.

Peppermint Snow Mint Cookies

Our teachers are instrumental in shaping our youth, but how can you appropriately express your gratitude? Choose from a variety of delicious sweet and savory foods for a budget-friendly gift of thanks.

Hickory Ham and Cheese

Easy on the taste buds and your wallet, Hickory Farms has carefully prepared a number of dynamite combinations to suit all budgets. At under $20, this sensational gift box compliments the famous sweet ‘n smoky flavours of their ham, with snack-worthy crackers and cheese.

Cashew Almond Pecan Perfection

The Holiday Season is synonymous with mounds of fresh baking and rich truffles, which not everyone has time to make fresh at home! Fortunately, Hickory Farms provides a delicious selection of cookies, brittle, truffles, and nuts to fill your gifting – and snacking – needs.

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