The Weird & The Wonderful

Shopping for specialized items is so simple with the internet at our fingertips. Even when we aren't looking, the web seems to expose us to a whole new world of weird and wonderful products and services. Take a look at our latest findings - you may come across something useful that you never knew you needed!

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Juicy Crittoure Polished Paws by Juicy Couture

Pet peddies aren't just for Hollywood's most pampered pooches anymore. Move over Beverly Hills Chihuahua - spa style is going mainstream. Hold still, Rex!

No More Bedwetting For Girls

If potty training is getting the better of your little princess, the wireless sensor in these underwear will wake her with sounds, vibrations or light signals. Although pricey, they are covered by most insurance policies and they come in a boy version too!

Crownette Padded-Seat Briefs

It seems that padding in the rear is the last thing most of us are looking for when our body images are already skewed by pin thin models and actresses! But - if you desire fuller "cheeks" - these briefs will perk up your pants, skirts, and dresses!

OSIM uCrown Anti-Stress Head Massager

Relieve your tired mind! The uCrown combines vibration massage, soothing heat and relaxation music, to help ease tense muscles and improve blood circulation. It's highly effective, just not something you want to wear on a first date!

Being a Man Essence

With just 5 drops, 3 times daily for 5 months, this essence promises to help men better fulfill their many roles, and also to help women in leadership roles balance their masculine side. Reminds me - I need to shave my legs...

MP3 Neck Cushion with Speakers

Memory foam adjusts to fit your neck in this orthopedically designed pillow which is fitted with the luxury of an MP3 jack and speakers. Perfect for travel. MP3 player is sold separately, of course!

Aardvark Bug Vacuum & Habitat

This battery operated vacuum gently sucks bugs into its detachable habitat so your kids can observe them close up. Not a bug aficionado? Relax - the kit comes complete with basic care instructions for the insect detainees.

Snuggie Fleece Blanket with Sleeves

How many times have you struggled to keep your blanket in place, while trying to use your arms at the same time? The Snuggie's sleeves free your hands while keeping the blanket where it should be. Also comes with book light.

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