Summer Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

Get the maximum out of your summer!

No other season provides us with the same opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy beautiful weather with our families.  Whether you are planning time at a lake or relying on your backyard for your warm weather enjoyment, make this summer unforgettable with these fun activities:

Backyard Fun

Sometimes the simplest things provide the most fun - there can't be many of us who didn't enjoy a good afternoon of running through the sprinklers as kids.  Having access to water in your backyard will benefit you with a nice green lawn, as well as engaged and happy kids.

And healthy grass makes way for another kind of fun - lawn gamesBocce ball, croquet and horseshoes are great for any age group and can be a fun way to entertain your guests at garden parties and barbeques.

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Great Garden Parties

Many of us spend our winters wistfully gazing out of frosted windows; just counting the days until we can enjoy our yards again.  We have a lot to look forward to because today's outdoor furniture options truly lend themselves to the phrase “extending your living space”.  From stately weather resistant lounge furniture to state of the art BBQ's, there are plenty of ways to create an outdoor entertainment mecca in your own backyard.

If you are lucky enough to have unused space in your yard, you might consider setting up a lounge area around a portable wood burning fireplace.  Use the colors and textures in weatherproof cushions, throw pillows, and umbrellas to inject a festive flair to your outdoor living room.

Add the finishing touches to the ambience with solar garden lighting and candles, and your shangrila will be ready to host some great garden parties!

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Splish Splash

Are you fortunate enough to have a pool in your back yard? If not, don't let the summer go by without looking into some refreshing options.

Portable pools often come in a kit that includes maintenance supplies.  Their structure relies on a frame, inflatable components, or a combination of both, and they sit above ground.  They are easy to maintain while in use, and also drain and collapse easily for storage at the end of the season.

Once you have your pool picked out, you will want to stock up on a variety of great water games, loungers and inflatable accessories to keep the family entertained.   A very important reminder though - summer fun can easily end in tragedy if children are not properly supervised.  Never leave children unattended and be sure you are familiar with your community's laws around fencing any type of pool before investing in one.

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Summer on the Diamond

Batter up!  Whether it's a casual game of catch at the campground or a little league game, baseball is the great summer sport.  Gloves and balls are easy to pack along on summer road trips and they provide a great way for you to unwind and connect with your kids while helping them improve their skills and coordination.

Lovin' the Lake

If you are already hooked up with a boat, there is no end to the summer fun awaiting you at the lake!  Learn to ski or wakeboard, or rip around on an inflatable tube or kneeboard.

If you don't have a boat, consider a much less expensive option as an alternative - an inflatable sea-doo.  Although not all models may not have the power to pull a skier, they provide hours of leisurely amusement for the whole family.

Lastly, don't underestimate the enjoyment kids get out of floating islands.  They can provide varying entertainment such as a trampoline, or a climbing wall on the water.

Casual Camping

What is summer without a family camping trip?  Getting the kids out from behind their video games and into the great outdoors provides priceless bonding time.

Whether your family is experienced enough to hike into a site, or you prefer the less complicated option of driving to a campground, make sure you are fully equipped with the necessities that best suit your choice.  Hikers, for example, are careful to avoid heavy, bulky items, while campers driving to their site are able to indulge themselves in the little extra luxury that these heavier items might provide.

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Rafting the River

With so many beautiful meandering rivers in our beautiful country, you may want to try a relaxing float this summer.  It's easy as 1-2-3!

  1. 1. Get your gear together:  inflatable raft, cooler with all the fixings, waterproof camera, oars, pump, life vests, sunscreen etc.
  2. 2. Drop a vehicle at the planned exit point.
  3. 3. Drive to and park at the point of entry where you will inflate and launch your raft.

Mind that you have a safe and dry spot to store keys for both vehicles, and you are off and away!

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