Multi-link 4-port Fax Switch

Multi-link 4-port Fax Switch
  • Part #: STK29112
  • UPC: 00172302626421
The Stick is a state-of-the art telephone line sharing device (1x4) that screens and automatically routes all voice fax and modem calls to the right equipment every time - eliminating the need for costly dedicated phone lines.
Also known as a fax switch call processor call router call director line concentrator/consolidator. Highly flexible programming and a rich feature set make this unit adaptable to a wide range of working environments industries and applications.
The Stick works on a standard POTS line and answers inbound calls at the first sign of ring voltage. After The Stick goes off-hook it immediately screens for CNG (fax) and DTMF transfer codes. During this ~5.5 sec processing period a bell spec "ring back" is issued out to the calling party. Once a transfer command is received the call is routed to the corresponding port. In the absence of fax/transfer codes the call is defaulted to the voice ports. Outbound calls are processed in the normal fashion with barge-in protection.
The Stick is programmed by touch tones from a phone key pad.
  • 4 Port line sharing device.
  • Automatically screens and routes all voice fax and modem calls to the right equipment.
  • Allows up to 4 voice/data devices to share a single phone line.
  • Compatible with virtually all phone/phone systems fax machines/PC fax cards internal/external modems and TDD phones.
  • "Barge-In" protection.
  • Factory-direct support and programming.
  • The default factory programming (single ring) can be reprogrammed to 2 rings to accommodate Caller ID.
  • Saves the average user $600 a year by removing only one phone line (multiple locations and lines really add up).
  • Auto fax detection (screens each call for CNG fax tones pulse and touch tones and routes the call automatically).
  • Programmable security access codes.
  • Quality "ring back" tone.
  • Non-volatile memory (saves programming in a power outage).
  • Maintains regular phone ser  Brand: Multilink.  Binding Accessory.  Publisher(s): Multi-Link.  Label: Multi-Link.
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    Part Number: STK29112
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