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A Comprehensive Checklist for Fall Yard Prep


The beauty of Fall should never be outdone by the amount of work required to prepare the yard for Winter again. Get the family out to help you with leaf clean-up, and engage the kids in planting by giving them a kitchen spoon to dig a hole and plant their own special bulb.

For more details on Fall yard clean-up take a look at this handy guide, but the points below have you covered for the basics of yard prep for the Winter.

Potted Plants
  • Plant Spring bulbs

  • Move pots into the house for Winter.
    • Plan to move when indoor and outdoor temperatures are similar
    • Check the plant over for insects and treat accordingly
    • Gradually reduce light levels by moving pots into the shade and then indoors. Leaves may yellow and drop as plants adjust.
  • Plant Spring bulbs
  • Weed and remove grass
  • Clean up and remove annuals
  • Wrap less hardy perennials
  • Rake leaves. Some gardeners will mulch dead leaves and lay it loosely in the flowerbeds. This will provide extra nutrients to the soil in the Spring, and also provide protection from the Winter climate for the plants underneath it.
  • mow grass until it stops growing. Trim to 3.5cm for final cut.
  • Fertilize
  • Lay sod or plant grass seed
Trees & Shrubs
  • Spread mulch around trunks for protection
  • Cover shrubs and trees if necessary
Ornamental Ponds
  • Remove dead leaves
  • Remove pump, clean and store in water
  • Move aquatic plants to deepest part of the pond
  • Bring fish in if pond is not deep enough for them to survive the winter

Be prepared! Consult these handy checklists for more seasonal gardening advice:

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