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Awareness campaigns are a vital and important consideration in product-based advertising, but return on advertising spend (ROAS) can be difficult to measure and they are often too expensive for many retailers to consider.

ShopToIt gives you the unique ability to target shoppers with specific offers directly related to what they are shopping for. Imagine being able to reach a shopper looking for a toaster and introducing him to your online offer, or directing him to your store location within 25kms of him.

Now you can! ShopToIt leverages contextual and geo-relevant targeting to capture mobile and web shoppers at the point-of-purchase to dramatically increase your ROAS, and the effectiveness of your overall advertising initiative. This is the holy grail of marketing.

If you are looking to reach Canadians, drive more traffic to your retail or online store, create greater awareness for your promotions and ultimately increase sales, ShopToIt can help. Let us help you build your business:

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