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Regardless of the size of your business, or the types of products you sell, Shop To It can help you increase sales both online and in-store. Listing your products with Shop To It is easy, effective, and you only pay for clicks to your site. Our click-accuracy program and on-demand reporting tools make it easy to see what is happening with your listings at anytime. We help more than 350 stores get qualified, Canadian buyers to their websites - delivering more than 14,000 sales leads per day.

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Product Feeds

A product feed is a file that contains the required information for each of the products you would like to list on the Shoptoit Network.

Step 1: Create Your Feed

For simple, step-by-step instructions on creating a product feed, choose your preferred feed method below.

Excel Feed Text Feed XML Feed

Step 2: Upload your Data Feed

If you are a small merchant and are completing your feed manually, you can send a sample of your file to to receive feedback from one of our team members. This will help ensure that your feed will work correctly with

Once your feed is complete, login to merchant services and click on the “My Products” button. Then click on the “Add a Product Feed” button to upload your newly created feed. You will be given four different options:

  • Manually upload my file now
  • Automatically fetch my file from my FTP server
  • Automatically fetch my file from my web server
  • FTP my file to the FTP server

Step 3: Product Feed Review

After adding your feed, the team will review it to ensure that its content is consistent with our program policies. Once your feed is approved, the implementation process is started and your products will be live on the Shoptoit Network.

Step 4: Updating Your Feed

If at anytime you want to add, change or delete products, please make the changes to your original product feed file and re-upload it into your account. These changes will go live within 24 hours.

You may also manually edit individual products through the “Product Wizard“, found within the ”My Products“ button in the merchant services interface.

Product Listing Rates

Shop To It is a flat-rate, performance-based, listing engine. Advertising your products on our network is as simple as opening an account, uploading a product feed, and adding money to the account. The Shop To It team will then map your products to the appropriate categories on our site, and then display them to in-market and point-of-purchase Canadian shoppers via our network of shopping websites, and the Shop To It mobile application. Advertisers are only charged when an active shopper clicks on the link to “See More” about the product on your site. There are no setup or monthly fees and the click rates in our tiered pricing structure cost a fraction of most types of keyword advertising.

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Payment Plan Options

There are three different payment plans to accommodate your needs. will communicate clearly with you when your account balance is approaching zero.

Always On (Automatic)

Select the amount to be deposited to your account. The sales leads that you receive from will be charged against the deposit at the appropriate category specific CPC rate. Once your account balance reaches zero, your credit card will be automatically re-charged for the pre-determined deposit amount that you have chosen. Your listings will never be de-listed from

One-time Charge

Select an amount to deposit into your Account. The sales leads you receive will be charged against that deposit at the appropriate category specific CPC rate. Once your account balance reaches zero, your product listings will be automatically removed from the site. When you want to continue listing on you will need to re-select an amount and reauthorize your deposit amount and your credit card transaction.

Fixed Monthly Amount

Select the maximum (cap) amount that you would like to spend each month on sales leads form That amount will be charged to your credit card and deposited onto your account. The sales leads that you receive will be deducted from your deposit at the appropriate category specific CPC rate. If your account reaches a zero balance before the end of the month your products will be de-listed until your account is refilled at the beginning of the next month. Your account will be refilled and your products will be re-listed.

What is Back To Top is Canada's Largest Shopping Search Engine. This comparison shopping site helps shoppers find, compare and buy products from merchants that serve the Canadian market. is designed to give the Canadian shopper the best online shopping search experience while delivering the best ROI available to the participating merchants. It is an easy way to reach millions of shoppers at an immediate profit. Shoppers use's extensive product and store information (including product images and product specifications) to make smart decisions about their purchases. When a shopper finds a product of interest, he or she clicks directly to the merchant's website to make the purchase.

How many shoppers use Back To Top

Traffic on varies according to shopping behaviour and the season. To find out more about the current traffic, please contact a Category Manager.

Who shops on Back To Top

90% of shopper's on are Canadian. Shoppers come from provinces and territories across the country to research and buy products.

How do I become a merchant on Back To Top

It’s easy to become a merchant on! Simply create a Merchant Services Account and start adding products. Once your products are live on, they will appear in the millions of search results accessed by our active shoppers every day.

Why should I list my products on Back To Top

Product-based marketing on comparison shopping sites is considered one of the most effective ways for online merchants to connect with online shoppers. Listing with means you can easily and cost-effectively reach millions of active shoppers each month. Shoppers educate themselves about your products and your store before they visit your site, which means they are highly qualified and ready to buy - resulting in higher conversion rates for you. With the CTR Product Listing program you are buying sales leads, not impressions. You only pay when you get customers visiting your site. enables you to promote products to active and qualified shoppers, which saves you time to focus on what you do best - product sales. It is very easy to manage and optimize your product listings on using the management tools available in your Merchant Services Account.

Which merchants are listing with Back To Top

A wide range of merchants already list products on including Nationally recognized brands such as Sears, HBC and Best Buy and large and small local retailers across the country. These retailers have one thing in common, they are all looking for a way to effectively and efficiently reach online shoppers, and they have found success with If there is a merchant you would like to see on, please suggest a store.

What is a sales lead or referral? Back To Top

A shopper on who has completed the product selection process and clicks thru directly to the selected merchant’s website, is considered a sales lead or referral. This makes it easy for the shopper to purchase the product after they have conveniently narrowed down their search results. delivers qualified shoppers to the merchants that list their products on the site. Merchants can track all of the qualified sales leads sent to their online store within the Reports tab in their Merchant Services Account.

Are there any conditions to listing products on Back To Top

To list on you need to:
  1. Ship your products from Canada
  2. Have a product listing webpage (or online store) that displays:
    • Product details/ Checkout
    • Product pricing
  3. List Canadian dollar prices

What is Cost Per Click (CPC)? Back To Top

Cost Per Click (CPC) is the amount that a merchant is charged for a sales lead to their site. It is called a “Cost Per Click” because a merchant only pays when a shopper clicks over to their site.

How do I get my products listed on Back To Top

It's easy to get your product listed on! Our Category Managers will help you every step of the way. Contact a Category Manager today to discuss the easiest way for you to get listed.

What is the "Featured Store" placement on Back To Top

The "Featured Store" placement is a paid advertising opportunity within the product category search results pages on For more information on featured store placement (logo target ads), please see the Display/Banner Ad information.

What is the billing process for the Merchant Program? Back To Top

We have made this easy too! There are three different payment plans to accommodate your needs: Always On, Fixed Amount/Month or One Time Amount. You can also set daily limits so that you can easily manage your budget. Account deposits can be made by credit card or cheque into your Merchant Services Account. When a shopper clicks through to your product details page from the site, the CPC rate for that product category will be deducted from your account (and will be viewable in the Reports section of your Merchant Services Account).

How do I manage my product listings? Back To Top

Once you become a merchant on you will have access to your Merchant Services Account, where you will have many free management tools at your fingertips. You will be able to edit product information, add new products and delete old products, as well as, view your billing history, see traffic reports, set-up your payment information and make other adjustments to your account. is constantly adding new tools to help our merchants manage their overall program more effectively.

How long does it take for my products to be listed after I have created an account? Back To Top

Once you create an account, your products can be live within as little as an hour. You have complete control over how long it will take for your products to be live. Depending on how many products you have and your current online store configuration, the amount of time required to get your products listed on varies.

How much does it cost to list products on Back To Top

It costs absolutely nothing to list your products because does not charge set-up fees. With you pay for performance. works on a PPC (Pay Per Click) model which means that you only pay when a qualified sales lead has been sent to your e-commerce store. The CPC rates vary by category.

How many sales leads can I expect? Back To Top

The number of sales leads you get is dependent on the number of products you list, the popularity of the products you sell, and the quality of the graphics and descriptions. The number of sales leads vary by merchant and by season.

What is the minimum deposit to my Merchant Services Account? Back To Top

A low, minimum deposit of $100 is all that is needed to get your products live on Your deposit is refundable and risk-free.

When is my credit card charged? Back To Top

Your credit card is charged according to the Payment Option you would have chosen for the management of your Merchant Services Account on For more information, please see the Payment Options.

Is there a contract term? Back To Top

No, there is no contract or term for listing with As long as you have a balance remaining in your account and you have submitted products, we will continue to list your products.

What is the cancellation policy? Back To Top allows you to cancel at any time. However, we would love some feedback to find out if there are any improvements or changes we can make to benefit you and other merchants. strives to provide a positive listing experience for all participating merchants.

If I have a problem, whom do I contact? Back To Top

We want to make it easy for you to contact us, please visit our Contact Us section and choose the method of contact that is most convenient for you. Our dedicated staff will answer your questions at the earliest possible time.

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