Product Based Ads for eCommerce Retailers

Designed specifically to drive online sales, Product Ads are contextually relevant listings that are presented to engaged shoppers while they are actively shopping on search engines, directories, shopping sites, and mobile apps.

Listing your Products with the Shoptoit Network

With more than 90% of internet users searching for where they can buy products they are looking for, it is imperative for all sized retailers to ensure these shoppers can find them online. We understand this need, and for the past 10 years have been there to help more than 3,000 customers drive online sales, with excellent returns.

Listing with Shoptoit is easy. You simply upload your product feed, set your budget, and monitor your results. The Shoptoit Platform then categorizes, maps and feeds your products to our extensive shopping network.

With our product-priced based cost-per-click model, you only get charged when a shopper clicks through to your website for purchase. There are no setup or management fees, and we offer flexible billing options.

Shoptoit Keyword Ads

With our Keyword Ads integration, keyword ads are created for each product a retailer uploads to Shoptoit.

Designed specifically to reach shoppers while they are searching for products from their web or mobile device, Google Keyword Ads are a proven way for retailers to expand their customer base. With Shoptoit, retailers can benefit from this program without the need to hire an agency.

Our Keyword Ads integration includes:

  • Fully automated campaign creation
  • Targeting by country
  • Flat rate CPC’s based on product price (see rate sheet)
  • Monthly budget control with no minimums
  • No set up fees
  • No contracts, cancel at anytime

We have partnered with industry leading Acquisio to manage and monitor Google and Bing keyword campaigns for our retailers, earning high returns with no management fees or contracts.

Features of Shoptoit Product Ads

Hands-free Management

Product Ads are created automatically using the product attributes defined in your Shoptoit listings. We create and manage all data feeds, categorization and targeting - driving quality traffic from our network of Search Engines, Shopping Sites, Directories, and Shopping Apps.

Budget Control

No agency required - you simply set your monthly budget and the Shoptoit platform manages the bids and campaigns to ensure maximum returns on your advertising investment.

Performance Based

No management fees - Our cost-per-click model means you pay when qualified buyers click through to your website - all impressions are free. Our click rate varies based on the price of your product, earning you fair ROAS.


You will receive a bi-weekly email with your results, and may login to your Shoptoit Merchant Services account at anytime to review reports and stats.

Benefits of Shoptoit Product Ads

More Traffic and Leads

Retailers experience significantly higher clickthrough rates (CTRs) with Product Ads. As these ads appeal specifically to shoppers, click conversion is much higher than that of traditional text ads - In some cases, retailers have experienced double or triple the standard click through rates of text ads.

Qualified Leads

As a merchant, you will increase the quality of leads by featuring product information directly in your ads to help shoppers make informed purchase decisions. This makes shoppers more likely to complete a purchase on your site and increases your return on ad spend (ROAS) and overall profitability.

Increased Store Branding and Exposure

Multiple Product Ads from the same retailer can appear on search result pages, with store names prominently displayed on the ad. This means increased awareness and brand exposure for your store.

Shoptoit + Google Product Listing Ads

Shoptoit has direct integration that allows merchants to push their products to Google Product Listing Ads. We categorize and target your products automatically, and send a customized data feed to Google Shopping.

Google Product Listing Ads are an excellent way to drive online sales deliver incredibly high ROI. Retailers must opt-in to send their products to Google PLAs, and sites must complete a verification step with Google in order to participate.

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