Case Study: Does Adding Products to a Mobile Storefront Impact Reach?

The first step for any business is to devise a plan to reach its customers when and where they are looking a product or service they offer. That is where Shoptoit’s Basic Bundle comes in, giving the retailer a mobile footprint based on their type of business and location.

For a long time, many thought this was enough. However, having been in the online product marketing business for a long time, our experience told us different. In order to find out for sure, we set out to run an experiment that answered the following question:

Does adding product listings to a Basic Bundle listing increase that store's reach, therefore in-store visits?

Case Study Results

What We Did
We took one of our Basic Bundle local retailers in the fitness products industry. We observed his site traffic, users and impressions over a period of 2 weeks to set our benchmark.

For our experiment, we then added only 2 products to his mobile storefront and continued observing for the next 2 weeks.

The Result
The results surprised even us, inspiring the creation of our Enhanced Listings.

Once we added only 2 products to our retailer’s mobile storefront, we saw an increase of 900% in traffic and users and a 42x increase in impressions.

There are various studies trying to determine the impact of getting found on in-store sales - with Neustar reporting 80% conversion and Google reporting 66% in-store visits. It is clear that getting found by nearby shoppers will have dramatic effect on the ability for any in-store retailer to grow.

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