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Tillies Punctured Romance

Tillies Punctured Romance
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Several leading figures of early movies (among them actress Mary Pickford and director Allan Dwan) were transplanted Canadians, and this landmark film brought two of them together. When Quebec's Mack Sennett, the mastermind behind Keystone slapstick comedy, wanted to make the first feature-length comedy, he turned to an old vaudeville friend and fellow Canadian, Marie Dressler, when his backers told him his starring couple, Mabel Normand and a young comic named Charlie Chaplin, were not enough of a box-office draw. The result, Tillie's Punctured Romance, was a smash hit and remains rousingly funny to this day.  Brand: Image Entertainment.  Binding DVD.  Publisher(s): eOne Films.  Label: eOne Films.  AudienceRating: NR (Not Rated).  Format: Black & White.  AspectRatio: 1.33:1.
Part Number: 14381467024
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Product Features

Brand : Image Entertainment
Director : Mack Sennett
Starring : Charles Bennett (II)
Title : Title S-T

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