Vikuiti ARMR200 SCREEN PROTECTOR for Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx, 60 Cx, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, easy mountable, 100% fits

You will receive 1 high quality Vikuiti ARMR200 SCREEN PROTECTOR by 3M. Bubble free installation guaranteed ! This protector 100% fits and is exact with regards to the shape ! YOUR GUARANTEED ADVANTAGES:
  • Displays should not reflect; 3M has therefore paid great attention to this problem.
    The surface of the Vikuiti display protection foil ARMR200 is matt, thereby reducing sharp reflections, coated to increase contrast and readability.
  • Scratchproof hard coating with 3H pencil hardness.
    A touch display is exposed to great wear - a second skin protects ! Through the hard coating in the Vikuiti display protection foil ARMR200 with 3H pencil hardness, hard objects become harmless.
  • Dirt repellant surface (Easy-clean & anti-fingerprint).
    Vikuiti ARMR200 is provided with an Easy-clean coating that is water and oil repellant. With this, fingerprints cannot stick and can be simply wiped off.
  • Light, bubble free application; can be removed without leaving traces.
  • Pleasant feeling when writing.
    The surface of the Vikuiti ARMR200 is optimised for good writing characteristics. The pens glides almost as if on paper, and not as if on plastic, glass or rubber.
  • Detailed, illustrated and easily coherent instructions.
1 Vikuiti SCREEN PROTECTOR in original packaging (For gadgets with multiple displays you will receive 1 screen protector for each display. ) Vikuiti and the Vikuiti eye are trademarks of 3M. Trademark use with written authorization by 3M. License number: DE27154  Brand: Vikuiti.  Binding Electronics.  Publisher(s): Vikuiti.  Label: Vikuiti.
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