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2000 Veterans Place NW #201 , Calgary, Alberta
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About Evidence Sports And Spinal Therapy

Evidence Sports and Spinal Therapy
2000 Veterans Place NW #201 
Calgary, Alberta
T3B 5Y7

Evidence Sport and Spinal Therapy is a multidisciplinary clinic providing expertise and effective musculoskeletal pain management. Our clinical staff consists of highly trained physiotherapists, pain physicians, and medical specialists passionate about providing the highest standard in evidence-based care. We offer individualized management approaches and function as a leader in the education of health care professionals and other members of the community. We foster collaboration with members of our patient’s health care team in order to maximize the outcomes and facilitate positive experiences for our patients. At Evidence Sport and Spinal, we provide specialty care through a multitude of clinical services including: Comprehensive evaluation and treatment planning; Triage for prolotherapy/platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, tailored physiotherapy, trigger point injections, and fluoroscopic-guided interventional pain procedures (facet joint injections, nerve blocks, etc); Multidisciplinary assessments for the management of complex musculoskeletal pain conditions. The assessments may involve the expertise of pain physicians, physiotherapists, and psychologists; Patient and health care professional education via in-services, seminars and translation of our leading clinical research.

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