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If we say they work - THEY WORK! If we say they don't - THEY DON'T! No B.S. it's that simple!

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247 Centennial Pkwy N #1A 
Hamilton, Ontario
L8E 2X3

CANADA! YOU JUST GOT..... Bigger! Stronger! Leaner! Fitter! Faster! Canada's Leading Sports Nutrition Stores Since 1989 Lowest Supplement Prices Guaranteed! Have you ever used or heard of BSN, Muscletech, Optimum Nutrition, Hydroxycut, Creatine Monohydrate, Gaspari, Bio-X, Whey Protein, Fat Burners, Protein and Energy Bars, Glutamine, CLA, Fish Oil, EFA's, Cell-Tech, Purple•K, Veggie Greens — well, you just have, and they are ALL available to you at our nearest Popeye's Supplements Canada Location, along with many more leading sports nutrition products all at the lowest prices in Canada GUARANTEED! GET READY CANADA! In 1989 Canada's Popeye's Supplements Canada was the very first sports nutrition retail outlet in Canada. TODAY, it is Canada's largest sports nutrition retailer with Over 140 Locations coast to coast! Popeye's Supplements Canada's exceptional growth and success rate throughout these years can be attributed to extreme hard work, but also servicing customers' needs by offering optimum results and solutions with superior service, accurate information, real knowledge, the best of the best in products on the market, and incredible value for their hard earned money with the LOWEST PRICES IN CANADA GUARANTEED! Our expertise, experience, knowledge and innovative approach in this industry, is proven hands down. To date, the name ' Popeye's Supplements Canada is the most powerful store name in the sports nutrition industry. In fact, not only is it known right across Canada and North America by thousands and thousands of households, but it is also known by thousands of retail competitors - simply incredible! When Popeye's Supplements Canada comes to town you know about them FAST!




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